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Comtevision takes center stage at Infocomm Beijing 2023!
Publish:Shenzhen Comte Intellegence Technology Corporation Limited  Time:2023-08-23
Comtevision steals the spotlight at Infocomm Beijing 2023!  From July 19-21, we had the privilege to showcase our cutting-edge products, captivating the audience with our state-of-the-art projection screens.

Witness the Future: Our exhibit featured an array of innovative products, including the mesmerizing Floating Screen, space-saving Tab-in-Ceiling Screen, sleek Zero Edge Fixed frame, and the flawless Tab Tensioned screen - each redefining visual perfection.

Rave Reviews: Our high-end products received an overwhelming response from visitors, leaving them awestruck and eager to experience the next level of visual brilliance.

We‘re thrilled to share some snapshots from the show - a glimpse into the excitement and amazement that filled the event!

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